Thursday, January 24, 2013

Too Cool For Sub-Zero

Why won't teenage boys wear a winter coat? After a futile argument minutes before the bus arrived, I gave up and watched my son run out the door to catch his bus. I usually will agree with him and let him go to high school without a coat, but this morning the temperature was a frigid -8°. Add in the windchill and it was probably -20°. That would be Fahrenheit folks. Your exposed skin will freeze in minutes when it's that cold outside. But don't tell that to a 14-year old boy.

Here is the logic behind not wearing a coat or hat or gloves when it's below zero or even hovering at a balmy 32°:
  • I have to carry it around with me all day because I don't use my locker.
  • My coat is too bulky.
  • We cannot wear hats at school. It's against the rules.
  • No one else wears a coat.

The last point is the real reason. No one else wears a coat, and I would stand out. I'm willing to get frostbite and be incredibly cold as I walk outdoors between buildings for classes, but I must be like everyone else. It seems that if everyone else is brilliant enough not to wear a winter coat when the temperature plummets my son must follow suit. I do wonder what happens if a teenage boy were to actually wear his coat to school . . . is he ridiculed, laughed at, given dirty looks? No idea.

Teenage girls seem much more logical and are actually seen sporting a winter coat, gloves, and even boots. But not a hat. My 10-year old son even went off to the bus wearing a face mask this morning to protect his face from the wind. The dog wears his sweater outside. Although I must admit that somehow my husband did get the Freshman boy to actually wear his winter coat a few days ago when it was -35°. Maybe a father's influence carries more weight.

I cannot force him to wear his coat and hat, but I do hope that the reality of a cold wind cutting through his flimsy sweatshirt may make him rethink his choices. At least he opted for jeans instead of wearing basketball shorts.

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