Sunday, February 17, 2013

A (Disgusting) Sunday Diverson

February in Minnesota screams for some sort of deviation from the endless white outdoors and something to stimulate the palate with a taste more daring than chicken and wild rice soup. Boredom sets in and a little excitement is necessary to get through this endless month. I took a culinary risk this afternoon, spending far too many hours on a recipe that looked and sounded delicious: a complete change from our dining routine.

Let me preview this by saying that my family is used to my experimenting with dinner. Roughly 95% of the time it turns out mostly edible. Tonight falls into that unfortunate 5%. Chicken Country Captain (a Georgia low country classic) didn't quite cut it around the dining room table.

After spending 3+ hours on dinner I unveiled my afternoon diversion to a starving family. It was fun to make and took my mind completely off a frigid February afternoon. It smelled good. It looked good. Taste was the problem as evidenced by the comments of my family.

"It's an explosion of tastes in my mouth, but not in a good way." "It tastes like something you would get off the menu in a foreign country."  "A valiant effort dear. I didn't think it was THAT bad." "Mom, hate to tell you but wine, curry powder, brown sugar, golden raisins, and tomatoes just don't go together."

I think my children are well on their way to becoming French food critics. Needless to say Chicken Country Captain will never come out of my kitchen again, and I'll not be sharing the recipe. Now what to do with the vat of this remaining culinary disaster. My son's advice is probably the best—"It's never a good idea to make a recipe from House Beautiful. Stick to Bon Appetite because it says bon appetite in the name of the magazine MOM!" The critic gets the final word.

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