Monday, March 4, 2013

Snow Hype

Do you get this where you live as well? The National Weather Service issues a Winter Storm Warning, and the Weather Channel latches onto the warning, giving the snowstorm some ridiculous name like Nemo. (I guess this one is Saturn.) Then the local networks grab the blizzard ball, and before you know it your local grocery store is sold out of milk, bread, and toilet paper. I expect this in Washington, DC but not really in the Midwest. However Minneapolis-St. Paul media is also guilty of exploiting the weather and hyping snow.

The forecast was 12 inches last night with 5 inches of snow falling today. My part of the Twin Cities received a dusting. Oddly enough my husband's iPhone Weather Channel app and my Weather Channel website gave two vastly different snow forecasts for our Minnesota town. We were only sitting two feet away from each other, but my snowstorm totals from my Mac were a mere 3 inches compared to his phone app reading from the couch—10 inches. How could Hugo, Minnesota have two separate snow totals from the same source? Hugo is not THAT big.

The winter storm may finally be starting up tonight as I see a bit of accumulation, and the dog came in covered in fresh snow. Snow hype does get viewers and sends the snow weary Minnesotans onto their smart phones in search of the latest forecast. Now that it is the 21st Century and meteorologists have all the latest technology, wouldn't you think the Weather Channel could at least provide an accurate snowstorm forecast? Foregoing snow hype must be difficult to give up, but we always seem to fall for it.


alyssa said...

How about now? Seems they were off a day. Still no blizzard, but 6" of snow and bad roads for the morning commute :(

Christianna said...

I'm eating my words! They were actually correct on the snowfall amounts for a change. But you're right, off by a day.

I did get an unexpected cardio workout in this morning, shoveling out the 1.5 feet of snow that the plow deposited at the end of my driveway. I gave up on the idea of forcing the minivan through and grabbed the shovel. Better than getting trapped in a snowbank in my own driveway!