Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mad World

We all know that Suspect #2 was captured while hiding out in a boat last night in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His capture followed the most massive manhunt I've ever witnessed and was quite astonished at the sheer volume of police, SWAT, FBI, and other law enforcement officers who effectively shut down Boston on Friday. I did find it quite curious that the suspect was found by a private citizen outside of the isolation boundary after the mayor declared that people could leave their homes. Kudos to the observant home owner who noticed blood on a shed door and peeked under the boat tarp to find Suspect #2.

Somehow these brothers thought they were invincible and dragged thousands of innocent lives into their game of terror. They belong to a sad, evil, and cowardly lot of humanity. That is all I'm saying about the suspects.

However the news media cannot stop delving into the lives of the suspects, their family, circle of friends, their social media practices, and every other aspect of our lives. It is kind of creepy how so much information is out there on these two men and is now plastered all over the every type of media.

What is lost in this story? The people who were killed, maimed, and hurt both physically and emotionally by this ordeal. Hundreds of lives were altered and four young lives senselessly snuffed out. I realize it is too much to ask that we all just get along. That is impossible. When talking to my kids about the Boston incident I must remind them that there are many more good than evil people in this world. The evil ones just garner all of the attention.

Do your share to spread the good. Bolster up this mad world with a touch of humanity.

Today send your thoughts, positive energy, or prayers to the families of the victims of this tragedy:  Sean Collier, Lu Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Krystle Campbell.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

10 Reasons Why Minnesota's Winter Must End

if it was December
Throw out the Kyoto Protocol. Tell Al Gore he was completely wrong about global warming. Scrutinize those scientific facts that point ominously toward global warming. On a day like today those facts seem skewed and this is why Minnesota's infinite winter must end.

  1. The winter is endless. Today is April 18—a good 3 weeks into spring—and it is snowing heavily outside. The six inches on the ground expected to easily double overnight.
  2. The sun was out for one day out of the last 12. On that balmy 40° day every kid in the neighborhood was outside playing in the streets and wearing shorts and T-shirts. Sun + 40° = shorts weather, despite the yards covered in snow.
  3. My dog is depressed and getting fat. He cannot run around the yard, chasing after trash trucks, other dogs, annoying teenagers on bikes, and kids riding Big Wheels. He gets out of his dog bed in the morning, stretches, looks around, and goes back to bed.
  4. I'm getting depressed. There is no sun, no green grass, no flowers, no impromptu neighborhood gatherings for a glass of wine in the driveway, no herb garden with fresh mint and basil. There's only the snow that's been covering the ground since November.
  5. I'm tired of talking about the cold weather. The weather is all that any Minnesotan talks 
    My deck,
    where my grill lies buried in snow
    about. How tired we are of shoveling snow, driving in snow, slipping and falling in snow. Ask any Minnesotan about global warming on a day like today and they will give you an earful.
  6. It's been cold here since October. I want to put away my electric blanket, my long underwear, my heavy boots, and all of my winter clothes. I'm talking about the weather again. See it seeps into everything!
  7. Any outdoor liquid surface is still frozen. Not frozen solid like you could drive on it or even walk on it, but those Canadian geese are walking on it.
  8. The birds that have migrated here from Florida must be really confused.
  9. I've been inspired to write a blog post criticizing something I cannot ever change. That is really sad, but it feels really good to complain about it.
  10. Did I mention that it is technically spring? It should be 60° not 30° and that brilliant orb in the sky should be present. Approaching late April and being blanketed in a foot of snow is just wrong!
 So why do I still live here? The summers are absolutely glorious and make me forget about the horrible ceaseless winters. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Legacy of Three Iconic Ladies

Why do deaths always come in threes? Upon arrival at my office this morning I heard that Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke. She was 87. While looking at the front page of today's New York Times, I learned with dismay that Lilly Pulitzer died yesterday at age 81. While wondering who would be number 3, a Fox Breaking News story flashed across my screen, showing that Annette Funicello succumbed to complications of MS at age 70. These women are iconic legends in their own ways, and oddly all died within 24 hours of each other.

Of all three women, I found Margaret Thatcher larger than life. Whether or not you agreed with her tactics or politics, Margaret Thatcher was an incredibly head-strong woman who influenced many lives while creating history impacted by her own policy. The Iron Lady once advised President George H. W. Bush after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990 saying: "Remember George, this is no time to go wobbly." The only woman Prime Minister of Great Britain never considered going wobbly during her three consecutive terms in office.

Annette Funicello. Who doesn't love Annette? Although the original Mickey Mouse club was way before my time, I did know Annette Funicello. She was the face of the Micky Mouse club who "always thought of Walt Disney as my second father." She was also the star of the 1960s beach party films, including the infamous Beach Blanket Bingo with Frankie Avalon.

I actually thought that Lilly Pulitzer had already died years ago, so I was quite surprised to read that she was alive up until this past weekend. My closet is full of Lilly. She created her iconic shift dresses out of necessity in 1959 while operating her juice stand in Palm Beach, Florida. She needed a dress that would hide juice spills; the Lilly was born. In her prime, Pulitzer even created a dress for Jackie Kennedy out of kitchen curtains. My colorful collection of Lilly Pulitzer shift dresses that never go out of style are still awaiting the arrival of spring. Lilly once said, " I didn't set out to be born unusual or different, I just wanted to do things my way."

Three iconic ladies who left a legacy on politics, fashion, and entertainment. And did you notice that all three had the big and perfect hair going for them? Not a strand out of place, except maybe Annette's while grooving on the beach with Frankie.