Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mad World

We all know that Suspect #2 was captured while hiding out in a boat last night in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His capture followed the most massive manhunt I've ever witnessed and was quite astonished at the sheer volume of police, SWAT, FBI, and other law enforcement officers who effectively shut down Boston on Friday. I did find it quite curious that the suspect was found by a private citizen outside of the isolation boundary after the mayor declared that people could leave their homes. Kudos to the observant home owner who noticed blood on a shed door and peeked under the boat tarp to find Suspect #2.

Somehow these brothers thought they were invincible and dragged thousands of innocent lives into their game of terror. They belong to a sad, evil, and cowardly lot of humanity. That is all I'm saying about the suspects.

However the news media cannot stop delving into the lives of the suspects, their family, circle of friends, their social media practices, and every other aspect of our lives. It is kind of creepy how so much information is out there on these two men and is now plastered all over the every type of media.

What is lost in this story? The people who were killed, maimed, and hurt both physically and emotionally by this ordeal. Hundreds of lives were altered and four young lives senselessly snuffed out. I realize it is too much to ask that we all just get along. That is impossible. When talking to my kids about the Boston incident I must remind them that there are many more good than evil people in this world. The evil ones just garner all of the attention.

Do your share to spread the good. Bolster up this mad world with a touch of humanity.

Today send your thoughts, positive energy, or prayers to the families of the victims of this tragedy:  Sean Collier, Lu Lingzi, Martin Richard, and Krystle Campbell.

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