Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Celebration of Fathers

Today we celebrate our fathers and grandfathers. The gifts they have given us, life lessons taught, and knowledge passed down. It is quite impossible to thank them for all they've done for us on just this one Sunday in June. Use today to cherish your father, remember your grandfathers, and encourage our own children to draw inspiration from their fathers and grandfathers.

My own father turned 70 this year. Luckily for my own kids he has a close relationship with them and all three have gotten to really know their grandfather. He continues to inspire me as he teaches me to grow into my adult self.

What a legacy he has created!

To my dad, my husband, and all you fathers out there who continue to inspire me, Happy Father's Day!


Kristie H. said...

Great family picture!! :)

Christianna said...

We're a bit crazy once you get us all together!

alyssa said...

love those photos!