Monday, June 10, 2013

Aveda's Annoying Abandonment

Corporate Aveda seems to have an uncanny knack for discontinuing my favorite items on a stealthy, yet regular schedule. It seems whenever I run out of a favorite product and head over to an Aveda salon to refill, guess what? "Sorry that's just been discontinued."

While in my favorite Aveda salon this afternoon to cash in a coupon for a "personal blends product for free," i.e., my back-up perfume, I discover that the base used to create my "Christianna" blend has been discontinued. This now discontinued Key Element Aroma #3 Fire Nature is vanishing quickly. The receptionist at the salon who mixes up the personal perfumes had a quick consultation with her counterpart at the front desk, and she dashed out of the door to the supply room. The receptionist/aroma mixer explained that she kept a hidden cache of Fire Nature #3 in the back room because she personally loved it and used it for her customers. A spark of hope. Sadly my hopes were dashed. Seems that someone else discovered the secret stash of #3 and used it all up. I'm adding Fire Nature #3 to my growing list of favorite discontinued Aveda products.

I absolutely love the Aveda uruku eye accent line that was abruptly cut off. My stash of these eye accents is quickly diminishing. Despite the stamp on the tube stating a 6 month shelf life, I've managed to sustain mine for quite a bit longer than 6 months without a trace of an eye infection. Again I'm wondering why expiration labels exist other than to make us run out and buy more product to replace the "expired" eye accent.

My biggest disappointment that eventually turned into joy was when Aveda discontinued their All Sensitive line. No more silky and perfect All Sensitive moisturizer available for my incredibly sensitive skin. I had a stash of tiny plastic bottles that I abducted from numerous hotel stays. Little did I know that all those tiny bottles would tide me over until Aveda corporate returned to their senses and reinstated the All Sensitive line.

The list goes on: Chamomile shampoo, the amazing lip tints with SPF that could easily make it through a steamy round of 18-holes on the golf course, and the much missed Sap Moss shampoo and conditioner. All vanished without any fanfare.

Meanwhile the search continues. I'm still holding out hope that I can track down a bottle of Fire Nature #3 to mix my back-up scent. The Aveda corporate office and factory is near my house and one would think Aveda might have a couple of extra bottles lying around somewhere. If not, there's always that $90 bottle on e-Bay from the back of someones dusty medicine cabinet. (Not quite that desperate, thank you.) Perhaps other Aveda fans out there also wish that Aveda would abolish the trend of discontinuing these popular items or at least let their customer's know their favorite items disappearing so we can stock up.


missjoyandhappiness said...

I am devastated AVEDA discontinued Sap Moss line a few years ago which was BEYOND Amazing!
Then I became hooked on Aveda Hang Straight which they discontinued! Again I tried their Dry Remedy line of shampoo & conditioner which were AWESOME & my hair loved these products.

I am no longer an AVEDA follower ---this is not how Aveda should treat their loyal customers. Even if they would have raised their price & continued these products I would have remained a happy loyal customer.


Christianna said...

Hi Alena,
Just to let you know, the corporate Aveda folks do know about everyone's disappointment that Sap Moss was discontinued. I think they hear about it a lot and hopefully will bring it back!

Tycer said...

I just sent them a goodbye letter. #3 was the last straw. The item I miss most is Elixer. EL Corp has ruined Aveda.

Gayle said...

I became disappointed with Aveda after they discontinued Sap Moss conditioner. I sent a couple messages to them via their website, inquiring as to why it was discontinued and if they might be bringing it back in the future. This was years ago, and they never responded to any of my inquiries. Pretty much, my impression of the company is that they could care less about the customers. The conditioner left my thick fine hair soft to the touch, manageable and shiny. Haven't found a product since that even compares to it. I just paid an incredible price on eBay for a few large bottles, because the product is worth it, despite the company. I will try my best to make it last me several years.