Sunday, June 2, 2013

Striking a Balance

I'm learning about striking a balance between work, family, and myself the only way I know. Jumping in with everything I've got and living, working, entertaining, driving, cooking, walking the dog, etc, until I collapse into bed every night. I have a feeling I'm not alone.

As I start on my sixth month as someone else's employee, I continue on in my life roles as Mom, wife, Communications, Director, and volunteer. This is where life gets sticky. I have learned what really matters to me and what I'm not willing to give up. My new life priorities? Family and all of their activities, consistent exercising, maintaining a healthy diet for my family, keeping the laundry in control, digging around in my gardens, and my writing projects. So I must apologize that writing frequently on my blog has slipped due to the time crunch. I promise to post once a week, but three times a week is just not possible anymore. 

I believe realizing your limitations is really important for Moms who want to balance their lives. Do what is most important and let the rest go. A very difficult lesson for me to learn!

Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, “Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead” is intriguing me given that now I'm a woman who works and certainly has the will to lead. The themes that urge women to lean in and take a seat at the table certainly are appropriate. I am ambitious, willing to lead, and have the drive to succeed. The problem is that I also have a family that takes up the bulk of any free time I might find. Here lies the challenge—succeeding at work while keeping the home front happy and healthy. Some days this goals seems quite unattainable. Maybe Sandberg offers some helpful advice. I'll let you know.

For now the sprint to the end of the weekend continues on as I try to balance it all. Running shoe shopping (exercise commitment) tossed in after my daughter's French Horn audition for orchestra (family commitment). That is an equal balance for me. Still the most amazing part is that I was given a chance to return to the office, given a position in my field after a nearly 15-year hiatus, and now I'm thriving in my new role. The family seems is somehow surviving life with Mom at work.

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