Monday, July 15, 2013

Off to Camp Wapo

Jack and his friend in their cabin
Camp Wapo . . . it sounds like a camp out of a Chevy Chase movie. But this is a real camp on a real lake in northern Wisconsin, and my 10-year old son boarded a school bus with his buddy, bound for a week at camp. The house is quieter without Jack and his gang of friends running around the house and annoying his older brother.

In a way, Jack is creating his own path being the first of my kids to brave a week away from home and venture off to camp. His older brother and sister never had a camp desire or never had a close friend to bunk with at camp. They flatly refused any attempt to sign them up for camp. Jack was game and happily left with his bag of snacks and camping gear.

Farewell to Mom for a week
I'm hoping Jack has a better camp experience than I did. The Girl Scout camps I attended were tolerable, but church camp at Imago Dei was the worst. (It should have been called Imago Diablos.) A very old mosquito infested camp nestled in the woods along the banks of the Wolf River in central Wisconsin. I remember falling out of the canoe in the middle of the river, swarms of mosquitos and black flies, mean middle school girl campers, and attempting to sleep while completely zipped up in my sleeping bag to avoid the bugs that came in through the holes in the walls.

Jack's camp is luxurious compared to Imago Dei. His cabins are clean without open slats between the wall boards, air conditioned rooms, and hopefully minimal bugs to squash during the night. The food is probably better than your standard camp-fare, and he is with one of his best friends.

He is nearly 18 hours into the Camp Wapo experience, and I have not yet received a phone call to retrieve him. Maybe I'm jinxing myself by writing this post. Only five more days to go!


alyssa said...

Is it really camping if he is in an air conditioned cabin ;) This post brings back memories of Girl Scout camps as well. I remember being evacuated from our camp in the middle of the night during a huge, severe thunderstorm. We were attempting to reach the safety of the lodge, but I think having us out in the woods, in the rain and lightning was probably worse than leaving us in the tents. Anyway, good for Jack for going to camp! I hope he has a blast!

Christianna said...

My worry boils down to screen withdrawal. He is going cold turkey off of all screens, unless he has hacked onto a camp computer somehow.

As for the A/C, it's a good thing given our current heat wave!

Tess DeGeest said...

Audrey heads out to a week of overnight camp in a week but we eased her into it with a summer sampler (read 3 day, 2 night) overnight camp last year. Going cold turkey from screen time is wonderful and might even give you a chance to reset the daily allowable time since any screen time after camp is bonus!

Christianna said...

Good luck to Audrey at camp this week! Jack absolutely loved Camp Wapo and even asked to return today for another week at camp. He even survived life a week without screens!

Sue Red said...

Hi Christi! My daughter Emma was at camp Wapo the week of July 21st...right after Jack. This was her 4th year at Wapo. She LOVES it! I hope Jack enjoyed it as much as she does. I always enjoy the Friday closing service watching all the kids sing and totally getting into praising God.

Christianna said...

Jack LOVED Wapo! I couldn't even believe it. He was disappointed that he couldn't go back the following year and has to wait until next summer. I agree, that Friday service was quite amazing!