Sunday, August 11, 2013

Another Reason Not to See the Minnesota Vikings Play at the Dome

As if the rising ticket costs, parking fees, and high prices of food and drinks at the Minneapolis
Metrodome were not enough, now fans have the "purse ban" to deal with. Minnesota Vikings fans may only bring in a clear plastic bag or a palm-sized clutch purse for their personal belongs.

I'm immediately ruling out the clutch purse because you could not fit anything vital into a purse the size of your palm. And who owns such a tiny purse? Then there is the clear plastic purse. I really don't want all of the pared-down contents of my purse on display for all to see. What if I need to stash some very personal products in there? I doubt any woman wants to publicly announce that it is her time of the month. This also effectively eliminates bringing in a water bottle.

The purse ban was adopted by the NFL following the Boston Marathon bombing this spring and applies to every major league football team. I find this new "clear plastic bag" policy quite backwards and reactive. What was wrong with security guards taking a peek into my purse and asking people wearing backpacks to check them at the gate?

I realize that the NFL is attempting to thwart any horrible repeat of the Boston Marathon bombings. However if someone really wanted to detonate a bomb in front of the Metrodome in Minneapolis during halftime of the Vikings game, I doubt that the clear plastic purse rule would stop them.

Note to the NFL: If terrorists want to drive a truck bomb outside of a stadium or stash a bomb on or inside of a suicide bomber, they will do it despite banning purses. They are terrorists after all! Women carrying purses are not the problem.

Again this is yet another backward American security policy that does little to stop terror, but goes a long way toward irritating the general public and law abiding citizens.