Monday, September 2, 2013

Even Tinier Airplane Toilets Arriving Soon

Just when you thought that bathrooms on airplanes couldn't possibly get any smaller, the bathroom designers at Delta Airlines prove you wrong. Isn't 3' x 3' tiny enough?

While traveling home from San Francisco aboard a Delta flight, I was reading through the New York Times Magazine from September 1. A black and white drawing caught my eye, and I was immediately shocked at just how far the airlines will go to carve out a few more seats in Economy.

Yes, you're seeing that correctly. Squatty potty now takes on a new meaning. From the looks of this picture passengers will have to double over just to get into the loo. Hopefully all passengers are limber enough to squeeze into this little space. Delta claims the new design saves cabin space, creating four new seats in Economy. These new bathrooms will be introduced in the Economy class of Delta's new Boeing 737-900 jets.

The masses of customers flying in coach will have a choice: either cram your body into this loo or hold it for a few hours. At 5'2" I can probably squash myself into this space, but can a 6'3" male wedge himself into this space-saving toilet. Doubtful.

Is Delta trying to make customers stop flying its airline? It sure seems that way.


Diane R said...

What if you had a 4 year old that needed help in there. Then what? I can only believe that mom or dad would stand outside the "tiny toilet" with the door wide open. And that would open about a brand new can of "something" for the rest of the passengers to complain about.

If I heard an airline was actually using one of these, I'd ride my bike across the land rather then risk enduring this.

Marilyn Boock Schmidt said...

This looks like an April Fool's Day joke. Has September 1 become another day when publishers are allowed to try tricking us?

Your paternal grandfather would have loved the joke!

Christianna said...

I can only hope that I'm providing much needed comic relief on Labor Day and this truly is a spoof!