Saturday, September 7, 2013

One Chic Mom Says No!

My son Jack is 10-years old, and he hasn't known a day in his entire life that America was not at war. I'm referring to the current War on Terror. Can you imagine that? I'm sure he thinks nothing of it. But for those of you of my generation who grew up in a relatively war-free America, a lifetime of war is daunting.

Today Syria is everywhere. Inescapable and most people have a strong opinion on US military involvement. I've tried to leave politics out of this blog, but not today. Today I say no. The US should not get involved in Syria unless Washington can come up with some really good reasons and a logical plan of action.

I see it as a battle between the head and the heart. The head says: "of course we should strike Syria." The US must show our credibility and bomb Syria. Assad should not go unchecked for using chemical weapons against his own people. Unfortunately thousands of innocent Syrians had to die or flee their country before Assad pulled out the chemical weapons and joined the ranks of Hitler, Mussolini, and Hussein.

Then there is the heart. "If the US strikes, thousands more innocent lives will be lost on all sides. American lives as well." And for what gain? Involving the US in yet another mid-east crisis? No thanks. Americans are war weary and want success in the War on Terror, not air strikes that will accomplish little except a meagre show of force.

As I see it, neither side is a clear winner for the US to back, and we would be choosing the lesser of two evils neither of which we could control. Indecision and taking sides is playing out not only in Washington, but on the world stage.

I'm not remotely a foreign policy expert, but I'm following my heart on this one. I'll join the 80% of Americans (Reuters-Ipsos poll) who oppose military action in Syria. I'll go one step further and let my Congresswoman know. I can see no good that can come out of it, especially since no clear plan of action has emerged from Washington. Bombing for the sake of bombing is a waste.

I want my son to know a day without war. Maybe other chic moms out there will also say no.

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Sue said...

Nicely and well said!!