Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

The always popular vomiting pumpkin
Halloween Eve 2013 is passing by in a blur of mini-chocolate bars, a flurry of empty Skittles wrappers, and flaming pumpkins. My pumpkins have a tendency to ignite, but lucky I caught this one before it presented a hazard to the trick or treaters on the front porch.

The costume trends of the night: lots of Centennial football players, ladybugs, a pack of 6th grade 80s girls, and a couple of chickens. Even a creative Mad Hatter! For the first time in many years, no Harry Potters or Jack Sparrows at the door.

Kind of missing the days of the
Thomas the Tank Engine costume
As the thermometer drops into the 30s and the mist turns into rain, I'm nearly out of candy so one last lucky group of kids is going to get the dregs of the candy bowl.

Happy Halloween!

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