Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ready, Set . . . MEA Weekend Approaching

If you live in Minnesota you know what MEA weekend is. And it is coming up this weekend. If you don't know the meaning of the Minnesota acronym, let me enlighten you—Minnesota Education Association. This is a teacher's conference that always falls the third week of October so most all of the public and private schools in Minnesota are off on Thursday and Friday, allowing teachers to attend the conference in St. Paul.

MEA weekend is sacred in Minnesota. Hockey and football coaches actually cancel practices and no games are scheduled over MEA. People talk about it for months before it happens. They make serious plans to spend a few last nice days up at the cabin, take a vacation, or explore the Twin Cities. I usually fall in the exploring Twin Cities category. However my neighborhood completely clears out over MEA weekend. Friends and neighbors have taken jaunts to Mexico, spent the extended weekend at Disneyworld, hopped down to Chicago, hit a few college tours, or flown out to Washington, DC. Unfortunately DC may not be the best MEA vacation destination this year given the government shut-down of many traditional tourist DC sights. Maybe Congress and the White House will get their act together before MEA weekend hits. If you don't leave town, there's always the Mall of America (MOA), joining the masses at the MOA Waterpark, or a road trip to Duluth.

Knowing that so many people leave town for MEA weekend, I've always wondered how many teachers actually attend this conference. I will get to find out if Minnesota teachers really attend as I'm assisting with a presentation through my work at one of the Thursday sessions for educators. I'll not name any names, but some teachers who may or may not be close relatives have been known to skip out on all sessions. But maybe the rules are different in Wisconsin!

And, for those of you who actually do care enough to point this out to me, I've beaten you to it! MEA changed their name and the official name is the Educate Minnesota Conference. The Educate Minnesota people must take offense to the old name of MEA because they specifically point it out front and center on their website. NOT MEA! Too bad for them; MEA weekend it is.

Anyway Happy MEA week and safe travels!

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