Sunday, November 17, 2013

Coming to a Kitchen Table Near You

When my son Jack asked me to take him to a craft store to buy a loom to weave bracelets, I had to do a this my son? Mr. Football, Mine Craft, Call of Duty boy begging to spend his leaf raking money on a loom? If you know any kid between the ages of 9 and 13, you may well be caught up in this weaving sensation.

A few years back it was Silly Bands, last year Kendamas were all the rage, this year enter The Rainbow Loom that is taking over the free time of my 5th grade boy and all of his friends. Yes packs of 5th grade boys (and girls too) are weaving away like mad, hanging out in each other's basements for some quality weaving time, and taking an occasional break from their looms to head outside for some tackle football.

This kit comes with an actual plastic loom, a hook, and hundreds of tiny colored rubber bands. The boys learn the best weaving techniques from each other and from You Tube videos. But we have our share of frustrations when attempting to weave a wide bracelet didn't work out quite like the You Tube video tutorial that was shot by a 10-year old.

I have no complaints about this new fad other than a few stray rubber bands left scattered on the carpet. What's not to love? It's creative,  nonviolent, great for hand-eye coordination, and has rapidly increased my bracelet collection! (And yes, you must wear the bracelets.)

Jack is well on his way to supporting me far into my retirement through his rubber band weaving technique. I foresee a promising career as an orthodontist in his future.

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Anonymous said...

What a lucky mom!!!!!!!!!