Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Stress-Free Plan for the Holidays

Now that my entire family and extended family has survived a nasty bout of the Thanksgiving Day stomach flu, I feel it is safe to move onto the next holiday on the docket—Christmas. This year Christmas has snuck up on me and has a completely different feel. Perhaps because this is the first Christmas in many years that I cannot devote entire days to baking or decorating or Christmas shopping. Instead my days are consumed by the best gift I received last year, my job!

Working during the day, commuting to and from work in the snow on icy streets, and shuttling kids around in the evenings does not leave much time in the day for Decking the Halls. Since I'm so limited on time and would rather not be completely stressed out, this year I've devised a new plan of attack on the Christmas rush. I've asked my family to help me. And they are now happily assisting with the holiday chores. In addition to selecting a fresh tree and bringing it the house for decorating this evening, the kids and my husband are actively helping decorate the house. The kids and I have plans to bake the Christmas cookies after work and school activities have subsided each evening this week. What an idea! Why didn't I think of this years ago?

Our family has decided to give more meaningful (less expensive and fewer) gifts this season, including taking a ski trip to Minnesota's North Shore instead of buying the usual haul of presents. Creating memories, not credit card debt. The remaining presents will be purchased online instead of joining the masses as the mall. I feel my holiday stress level dropping as I write these words.

Just don't be surprised if you receive a New Years card from my family instead of the traditional Christmas card. It's all part of the plan. Sixteen days and counting . . . despite my helper elves I still have my work cut out for me.

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Jo said...

Great idea! Decorating and baking with family makes holiday preparations tradition rather than chores. Think I'll be asking my family to help!