Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top 2013 Chic Mom Blog Posts

Despite having statistical data devices on this blog, I remain incredibly bad at using statistics. I've given up trying to figure out the top "most viewed" blog posts for 2013. Instead, you get a quick rundown of my favorite 2013 blog posts.

Although some of these posts may not have received a bunch of comments, I did receive lots of feedback from you my readers on these posts via email and Facebook. Enjoy!

  1. At last, the final chapter of my year-long washing machine saga. Naive Washing Machine Owner or Lazy Repairman? 
  2. I still do not understand why teenage boys in Minnesota will not wear a coat during the winter months. Too Cool for Sub-Zero
  3. The recipe that I will never again attempt. My (Disgusting) Sunday Diversion
  4. A tribute to three legends: The Legacy of Three Iconic Ladies
  5. Nothing like adding a little controversy into the mix. Egg Freezing: Not Really Stopping the Clock
  6. What did I do with all of that time?  Or What I Miss About My Former Life as a Housewife
  7. Minnesota Target stores now have swimsuits on the racks in late December. Rushing yet another season? Back to School in July?
  8. This controversy continues in Saudi Arabia. Look for more posts on this subject in 2014. Saudi Women Defy Driving Ban
  9. Boys and their footballs, Beats headphones, gaming stations, and looms. Coming to a Kitchen Table Near You
  10. Creativity is always good thing. Why Art Matters

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