Sunday, January 26, 2014

Searching for the Impossible—The Universal Charger

Do you have a drawer like this? A drawer where all of those left over chargers go when your phone, digital camera, e-reader, or iPod become obsolete. This is only part of our collection; we also have a bag tucked away in a closet full of even older charger technology.

Doesn't this seem like a waste? If we can invent iPhones, Google glasses, and Fitbit fitness trackers I do not understand why someone cannot invent a universal charger for all of these electronic devices. Especially within companies. Yes Apple I am referring to you. Of course this is a marketing ploy to get everyone to upgrade to the iPhone 5 and then pay for a new charger for your house and your car and an extra one because you've already lost that first iPhone 5 charger.

It does seem wasteful to constantly create all of these new chargers when one universal charger for all could do the trick. Wouldn't designers just need to make the charger plug-in components all the same? That just seems too simple. Such a revolutionary technology change as a universal charger would probably call for some international protocol on charger technology, taking decades to design, approve, and implement. By then we will probably all be running around in Google Glasses and communicating telepathically. Beam me up Scotty!

Until then, the old charger collection continues to grow.

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