Sunday, January 5, 2014

What to Do When It's 50° Below Zero Outside

Minnesota's current arctic blast means no outdoor activities unless you want any exposed flesh to freeze within five minutes. Welcome to the coldest January Minnesota has experienced in decades! The Governor even cancelled school for the entire state on Monday. Although it hasn't yet hit tomorrow's forecasted -50° to -60° windchill yet, I opted to stay indoors today.

If you have never experienced air this cold consider yourself lucky. Eyeballs seemingly freeze up, eyelashes stick together, the insides of your nose freezes up, and taking a breath of air sets your lungs on fire. But the sky is brilliant blue and a frigid sunset takes on a surreal edge.

It is so cold that even the teenage boys are wearing coats and gloves, but still not quite cold enough for a hat. Cannot wreck the hair! The house is making all sorts of odd settling sounds. The windows, which are caked in layers of frost and ice, crack and pop loudly while cold air streams in despite state-of-the art glass.

Today's slow descent into record-breaking negative temps meant lots of indoor activity. All of the Christmas decorations are finally boxed up and put away for another year. The VCR has been dug out of storage for watching old Disney movies. After seeing Saving Mr. Banks, my daughter and I had to dig out Mary Poppins and a few other classics that are only on videotape. The first episode of Season 4 Downton Abby awaits on the DVR!

While watching the Green Bay Packers lose by a field goal to the San Francisco 49ers this afternoon at frozen (but warmer than here) Lambeau Field, my husband and I remembered back to even colder winters. 90° below zero is truly cold! Especially when you're a child and you have to go out into it. That kind of cold is unsettling and never leaves your psyche. This cold snap brings back memories of those cold winters of the early 1980s. I kid you not! —90° wind chill.

If I did not have to get out of bed to drive to work early tomorrow morning, I would certainly opt for a long morning of hibernation.

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