Sunday, March 23, 2014

Observations from the Elliptical Machine

An ideal elliptical view—
multitudes to observe
Sometimes my family wonders how I can continually workout at the gym without getting completely bored. My answer lies in my loaded iPod and people watching. No not stalking, just silently observing. Airports, the busy center or downtown of any city, and fitness clubs are perfect for people watching. Today's 35 minutes on the elliptical machine was far from boring given the interesting attire and fitness club antics on display.

First there was the young woman on another elliptical machine wearing a turquoise peasant/gypsy sort of skirt with black tights, forest green knee high gym socks, and purple sneakers. I'm not quite sure if she came directly from church and forgot her shorts and opted to leave on her church skirt. She did not last long on the elliptical as that skirt proved a bit dangerous for entanglement in the gears.

Then there was the mint green eyeshadow lady a few machines down from me. These ladies are always working out in full makeup and usually heavily perfumed. Her eyeshadow did nicely match her mint green top. There were also lots of "parent personal trainers" at the club some with little kids in tow as they lifted and ran. Good to know that my club is family friendly.

Not quite so PG-rated was the middle-aged, rail thin, runner guy training on a treadmill. His tight white shirt tucked neatly into his even tighter black Lycra compression shorts that fit like a second skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. He must think it's a good look because he is there every Sunday morning wearing the same clingy attire that makes me shudder and wonder why.

Also joining in on this Sunday morning club spectacle was Randy who climbed onto the elliptical alongside me. Randy never disappoints and immediately started craning his neck to see who was working out. I have no idea if his name is Randy, but this name suits his particular behavior. He also is at the club nearly every Sunday morning and is truly out on display, sauntering along as he scopes out women. You know the type—that randy sort of behavior—aggressive weight lifting, chatting up the single ladies, checking out the women no matter what the age. Let's just say that Randy is a bit of a male stereotype and always amusing to watch in action.

The workout flew by, and yes I probably would be completely bored if I did not have such interesting companions at my club and my music playing as the soundtrack for an hour of exercise and entertainment.

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