Sunday, March 30, 2014

Thank you Gwyneth

Attacking Gwyneth Paltrow when she is already down would not be fair or kind. Instead I will thank her. Thank you Gwyneth for shedding some light onto yet another tangent of the great Mommy Debate. You have made mothers think about how difficult the life of a starlet must be—a life to which most of us working and stay-at-home Moms cannot even fathom.

I honestly never imagined how very difficult it must be making one movie a year to tide you over on only a couple of million dollars. The stress of being on the movie set 14-hours a day must be truly exhausting. And all of that traveling to far-flung and exotic locations is taxing. Such sacrifices you have made! What it must be like to come home to nannies and staff who must be dealt with so your lovely Southern California home can operate smoothly. Two children and a rock star husband certainly require a flock of hired help. How do you even manage it all? Wait . . . I mean soon to be ex-husband. Good thing that Chris Martin's inevitable departure will make your life a bit easier since you won't have him living under your roof every day. Pesky rock star husband!

Thank you Gwyneth for opening my eyes and making me realize that I really don't have it so bad. Juggling three children's schedules, a husband's schedule, my own busy work schedule, the dog, an endless Minnesota winter, and the house and yard work really is ideal. At least I'm not a movie star and can somehow stay on top of my own boring 18-hour day life.

If you have no idea what I'm blogging about, please read on about Gwyneth Paltrow's E! interview/pity party and New York Post entertainment writer Mackenzie Dawson's response.

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