Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sound of Silence

The sound of my morning is silence. The Simon and Garfunkel song takes on new meaning this morning. When you think of living in a house with two teens and an almost teen, you would expect a cacophony of noise surrounded by chaos of life with teens. While that is true in certain moments, not this Saturday morning.

Outdoors is a brilliant blue sky. The sun is actually shining, which makes it impossible to gaze out the window without squinting as the light reflects off of the endless white blanket of snow. It is quiet and still. Silent.

Indoors is uncannily quiet too, especially for a Saturday morning. One teenager is at a sleepover, one at a very early morning orchestra rehearsal, and the almost teen is plugged into his laptop and lost in his world of MineCraft. The dog went back to bed. After years of loud children running around the house on a Saturday morning and me wishing for a long, sleepy lie-in, this new norm is quite a shift. Perhaps this is that subtle move toward the children leaving home. They are easing me into it with their prolonged absences, weekend sleepovers, and hours spent with girlfriends instead of Mom.

This slow variation in life is a good thing. I embrace their exciting futures while I savor my silent Saturday morning.

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