Saturday, April 26, 2014

Content with Enough

Gazing into an overflowing walk-in closet, I realize I have enough clothing, purses, and shoes for a small army of petite women. Cleaning out the fridge of old and unused food, my family certainly is not starving. Picking my way through the family room scattered with X-Box and Playstation controllers, laptops and their trail of cords, and bins of Legos, we are certainly not lacking for entertainment. Half a dozen pairs of Nikes, a stray winter boot, three dog leashes for one dog clutter the mud room floor. You get the idea. Stuff.

This family has enough stuff, but can we be content with enough and not want more? Being content with what we have is difficult. The temptation lurks—buying the newest model iPhone, having that top-of-the-line computer, or ordering the most decadent piece of chocolate layer cake. I'm guilty. I do like new stuff.

When will we realize that the empty calories and material stuff doesn't really matter? Enough of all the stuff that just clutters up our lives. We work hard all day every day. Some people won't even relent, letting their work and stuff bury them. There is more to life than just working endlessly to accumulate more stuff.

In the end will it really matter if you worked hard enough to buy that new Coach purse or that new gaming system for your kids? No. Donate the money for the purse to charity and take your kids on an outing instead of plopping them in front of yet another screen game.

And time. There is just never enough time is there? Time gets sucked away in temporary tasks that don't really matter much except to ourselves.

In this life there is never enough time with those you love. The clutter of stuff, care of your stuff, and accumulation of more stuff just gets in the way. Life is more than just the material stuff. What matters is what we do with our time to make this world a better place and how we treat those around us.

Be content with enough. You might just enjoy it.

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