Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cheese Please

As part of the national campaign to cut the obesity rate of kids school lunches have been taking a hit. Over the past couple of years calories, sugar, and extras have been cut out of lunches. Earlier this year at my son's elementary school ketchup was cut. As expected this move was not popular amongst the kids under 12. The most recent cut to school lunches has prompted a backlash.

Sorry kids, no cheese on the cheeseburgers. Single slices of melted cheese on cheeseburgers are no longer offered. Cheese is deemed an unnecessary fat that is contributing to childhood obesity. Can you imagine how delicious that plain hamburger patty is without any cheese or ketchup? A slice of cheddar cheese and a dollop of ketchup are not making kids fat. They would be better off cutting out the bun. Carbs contribute to obesity, not the fat from a single of cheese.

Whoever is responsible for eliminating cheese from the school lunchroom menu is completely missing the point. Kids are not getting empty calories from school lunches. Those extra calories are coming from carbs they consume in pasta, cookies, and bread. The sugar from soft drinks, fruit juice, and breakfast cereals. Kids consume these extra calories at home, not at school.

My son Jack took up a petition to try and get cheese back on the cheeseburgers. He is collecting signatures from his fellow classmates, teachers, and paraprofessionals at his school. His list will eventually make its way to his school's administration and the district school board. If his petition fails, watch for a black market effort run out of his locker. He will be doling out ketchup packets and Kraft cheese slices for a price of course.

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alyssa said...

That is ridiculous! Good luck Jack!