Friday, May 9, 2014

The Ultimate Mother's Day Present

If you have not yet gotten Mom a gift yet, here is the solution. What does every Mom want that she just cannot get enough of? Very simple. Time. It's the ultimate gift. As a mother there is nothing more valuable than time. I write this from first-hand knowledge.

Hint, hint...time is the best gift. Giving the gift of time may be a bit perplexing because it is not something that can be bought at Nordstroms or ordered from Time is such a simple gift to give, but it will require more work on the part of the giver.

Do something for yourself instead of having Mom do it for you. Take a moment to unload the dishwasher. Try to remember to bring home your Harriet Tubman book instead of asking Mom to drive you up to school yet again to retrieve it. Take a shot at doing your own laundry--that includes washing, drying, AND putting it away. Pick up all of the scattered pages of sheet music, mutes, CDs, and metronomes scattered about the music room. Forgo seeing your girlfriend for a couple of days so Mom won't have to drive you to and fro.

Mom will not only love receiving the gift of some free time, but best of all it is free! Love from Mom for a free Mother's Day gift? Brilliant idea! For this Mother's Day consider giving Mom a chance to rest, clear her mind for a few hours, and have some downtime all to herself. She will love you for this simple gift.

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