Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Most Handy Dad

Father's Day 2014

Marriage and fatherhood heighten the disillusion that we all think we are born handy. We confidently believe that we can fix things around the house, as if it's part of the collective brain that was further enhanced by eighth-grade shop class.
BOB NEWHART, I Shouldn't Even Be Doing This

Do you have one of those Dads who can fix just about anything, or one who thinks he is handy (and he's not) but the family keeps humoring him year in and year out? I'm lucky enough to have one of those Dads who is handy or at least will give it a good try. On his visits to my house he always finds some sort of repair job, an improvement to the basement, or something to paint. He actually is very handy.

This weekend's visit found him at Fleet Farm buying "Snake Away" and all weather caulking to eliminate the snake family living under my front porch steps. As much as I love seeing a snake slithering out into the garden right beneath my feet while I'm having my morning coffee, visitors to the house may not appreciate being greeted by a snake. Hopefully Dad (and Mom who also knows a thing or two about snakes) ridded the front steps of my garden snakes.

Happy Father's Day to my handy Dad who loves Bob Newhart and hates snakes.

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Marilyn Boock Schmidt said...

Everything your handy Dad learned about handiness he inherited from his mother, Marian.

Dad Norbert never even pretended to be handy and we all admired him for that.

Happy Father's Day!