Tuesday, June 24, 2014

And You're Outta Here!

Last night's Little League baseball playoff game was as one coach described "EPIC!" That may even be an understatement for 10- and 11-year old baseball. Not only did the game last into the 11th inning, running over four hours, it was played on two separate baseball fields in two different towns. As dusk settled in at 9:30 pm with the score tied 12-12, this battle was moved over to another field that had lights.

But the longevity of this particular baseball game was only part of the story.

I had never seen a Team Mom ejected from a Little League baseball game until last night. But not only the Team Mom, one of my son's coaches and another Mom were kicked out of the game. The umpire may have been a bit agitated from the start of this duel. A controversial call at first base resulted in words being exchanged and perhaps a bit of "mama bear defending her cub instinct" that did not sit well with this ump. Not only did he kick them out but walked out to second base to yell at them again when he saw the Moms lingering near their cars along the road.

In the end my son's team did end up winning, 16-15.

Extreme baseball, and not in a good way. It all boils down to respect. Respect for the umpires, the coaches, the parents, and the kids. That seems lost and who knows what will happen at tonight's championship game.

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