Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Croquet Anyone?

All of the excitement has dissipated since Steve Perry—lead singer of Journey—made a surprise appearance on stage at the Eels concert in St. Paul a few weeks ago. However the Steve Perry question on everyone's mind has not been answered. Why St. Paul?

But also, why Eels? Why now? In a recent interview Eels front man, who now goes by "E", viewed it as a "why not" moment for Perry that began with croquet. Seems that Perry and Eels meet up for a weekly croquet game in LA each Sunday. Apparently Perry talked for years about singing with Eels since he is a huge fan of their music.

Eels invited Steve Perry to a few recent rehearsals in LA, and one day Perry showed up with his own microphone—an interesting twist. Again over a game of croquet, Eels invited Perry to sing live with them on their current tour, Perry accepted, and the rest is now musical history.

St. Paul just must have felt right because even E doesn't know why Perry chose the Fitzgerald Theater on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. Why doesn't really matter though because—thanks to croquet— it actually happened. Steve Perry, my daughter and me, and a couple hundred Eels fans briefly made it to the center of the musical universe. If croquet can unite the Eels and Steve Perry, what could a round do for your life?


Anonymous said...

Why sooooo doesn't matter, you could not be more right-on, Christianna. Thanks for wrapping it up as you did, bcuz all those 'why's' are not anyone's business. Steve and his Eels pals have their own lives, and follow their own paths. We all do, and it is simply bizarre to think that anyone outside our own circle has a right to even ask such Qs, let alone 'expect' answers. I have to smile, and thank-you, for the twist at the end of your story - how cool are YOU and your daughter to have been at the right place at the right time?! Very chic, Christianna, very chic./Elle

Christianna said...

Thank you for understanding that "why" just does not matter. You are exactly right; it just isn't anyone else's business. It happened and somehow I ended up being there to experience it.