Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Respect Returns to the Diamond

Despite the contention that shrouded my son's previous Little League baseball games, last night's Championship game was relatively calm. No one was ejected from the game, shouting at the umpire was at an all-time minimum, and little advice was being offered from the crowd that gathered to watch. All the players—coaches, the umpire, parents, and kids—displayed the one thing that was missing from the last few baseball games. Respect.

Perhaps the parents and coaches drilled it into the boys. Maybe those respect lectures stuck with both the parents and kids. Screaming at the umpire, ridiculing the coaches and yelling at the players just makes you look out of control. It's embarrassing to watch, and just think of how the boys must feel. It can't be easy to pitch or bat after the chaos created by out-of-control parents.

My son's team lost the championship game 9-4 but hopefully learned a valuable life lesson about how to treat others. Yelling, ranting, and generally throwing a fit won't really get you anywhere, even if you are an adult. Thank you boys for showing some solid respect.

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