Thursday, July 17, 2014

295 Souls Lost

As a champion of remembering the thousands of people lost on senseless aircraft explosions through acts of terror like today's Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 over the Ukraine, remember they were living breathing people. Not just a number. 295 innocent people died today plus the 3 infants just discovered sadly now equals 298 souls. Innocent. They did nothing wrong. They boarded a plane like we all have done countless times. Only they were unfortunately caught up in a war zone where a missile hit its mark. New casualties to a growing list of innocent souls lost in the so-called friendly skies.

Having watched the network coverage today, it seems that these people and those they have left behind are being lost in this whole investigation. Whether it was war or terrorism, MH17 was targeted and hundreds are left in the void. These people left behind husbands, wives, children, friends, lovers, co-workers, fiancees. Life. This did not have to happen!

I can only hope that some world leader will take a stand and condemn whoever did this horrendous deed with an action more powerful than economic sanctions and a slap on the wrist while looking away. 298 innocent people were senselessly killed today. What if that was your mother, your brother, the love of your life? What it that was you?

Send your thoughts, prayers, positive energy, whatever you believe to their mourning friends and families tonight. Innocent lives lost should not be dismissed and buried under a pile of economic sanctions.

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