Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wow! Mom Was a Cheerleader

'Tis the season for Senior portraits. You've seen them popping up on your Friend's pages on Facebook. Those smiling happy faces of our babies all grown up and ready to take on the world. My daughter Anna had her portraits taken this week and the whole Senior picture experience has changed since 1986, but some things do remain the same.

Gone are the days of taking your three outfits to the local photography studio for an hour of indoor studio portraits. Outdoors is all the rage–at least in Minnesota-–with an interesting interior space tossed in. Nothing was stiff and formal. The whole experience was much more fun than work. Perhaps it helped that our fabulous photographer is a close friend, the space we chose in Minneapolis was lively and active with a live band playing outdoors as the soundtrack for the photo shoot, and a chance meeting with friends who happened to be walking by along the Mississippi River.

Anna brought along her French Horn, which is the same horn that made an appearance in my own Senior portraits back in the day. No pom poms though, and no curly Afro hair. My youngest son ran across my cheerleader Senior picture and learned that yes his Mom was a football and basketball cheerleader as well as a horn player and involved a many other activities at Spencer High School.

Anna's Senior year starts this week. I'm not quite sure how we got this far; it seems like she was just boarding the school bus for first grade. Wouldn't you love to have your Senior year ahead of you? Unwritten. Exciting times ahead.

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