Sunday, September 14, 2014

Life Songs

While driving into work on a Tuesday morning and thinking about a particularly busy day ahead, a song came onto the radio. John Lennon's Imagine. The dreamlike melody took me far away out of my car stuck in traffic and placed me somewhere much more peaceful. Music does that. And Imagine is one of those songs that takes me to another place. Imagine isn't a particular favorite, but this song has stuck with me as long as I can remember.

Bob Dylan's Blown' In the Wind. Roy Orbison's In Dreams. Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac. The Byrds' Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season). And Johnny Cash singing Ring of Fire. I could not tell you when I first heard any of these songs; they just seem always a part of my life from childhood on. Maybe they stem back to my parent's collection of vinyl LPs neatly arranged alongside the record player.

Always there. Randomly playing on the radio or in the background at the market. Always unexpected. Always taking me back to a much simpler time in life. Maybe you have a collection of life songs floating around you as well.

Imagine and my other life songs help put the craziness and chaotic mess of this world aside and help me realize what matters the most. Family, friends, love, and being with those you love.


Sue said...

Love this blog Christi.

I feel it is the same as having the sense of an aroma waft across your path. Just a slight aroma of a particular perfume or cologne or something out of the every day sends me back to either a location or moment or a person.

One of the songs that takes me back would be In the "Air Tonight" by Phil Collins - back to teenage years, Bob Marley's "Is this Love" - to a particular 3-week holiday in the South of France as well as dare I say it Perry Como - to my parents record collection.

Thanks for making me take a moment to bring back the "good ol days"

Christianna said...

That is exactly what I'm talking about! Thanks for sharing your life songs Sue!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christi, it's Elle. This blog is spot-on...and I must say that I have 'an experience' whenever I hear one of many, many songs that connect me, that is it, rightn? It's that place, time, person we automatically connect through time with! I was young, in a dance club with my older cousin, and the Rolling Stones made the dance floor come ALIVE! In fact, I did not care if I had a dance partner - I was swept away, and I loved it. I sit and smile here, thanking you for bumping such memories up front here, where I can almost be there...and I am smiling. Thanks for that.
one other prominent memory is pulling into a driveway when all of a sudden, Steve Perry began singing, and I was always the last out of the car because the music was so engaging that I had to see it through. I know that genres of music have touched me one way or another over a lifetime, and so I agree with you - music spans time without a blink. It transformes us, engages us, and helps us make friends. I made a friend this year because of music,she is a blogger (you) who encouraged me to 'get blogging'. All for the loveof music, people meet - and live. Thanks, Christi, ttys/Elle

Christianna said...

Awww...thank you Elle. Music and memories. That's what it's all about!