Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sights (and Smells) of a Weekend in Seattle

The Gum Wall
Ever taken a long weekend excursion to a place you have always been a bit curious to explore? I had that opportunity and finally visited Seattle over the weekend. Here are a few things I learned about Seattle while on a girls weekend escape trip:
  • Seattle isn't rainy in September. At least not this September on this particular weekend. The early morning clouds always gave way to a clear blue sky and warm, sunny afternoons. Gorgeous! 
  • Yes there is a monorail in Seattle that is operational and it goes directly from the flagship Nordstroms store over to the Space Needle. Interestingly a film crew was shooting some sort of movie with actors dressed in 40s style clothing complete with era hats and lunchboxes. Despite our efforts, the monorail driver was sworn to secrecy and share any details.
  • You can go up onto the top of the Space Needle for free if you have a dinner reservation at the touristy revolving Space Needle restaurant. Of course we did this! The food was fabulous, and the view was all the way to Canada.
  • The scent of Seattle is a mixture of coffee, fish, the sewer, and lavender combined with the ever-present smell of pot wafting in the air. 
  • Ferries everywhere! Cruise ships, boats to Victoria Island in British Columbia, sailboats, kayaks. We took a ferry to Bainbridge Island for an afternoon lunch and some shopping. The view from the deck was worth the $8 ticket.
  • Drivers are very mellow. Despite traffic jams, no one was honking their horn or being obnoxious. No traffic accidents or sirens. Maybe all of the legal marijuana and pot smoke in the air is making drivers very relaxed.
  • Where did all of the hills come from? For some reason I thought Seattle was flat. Wrong.
Not just a kilt, but a Utilikilt
Fish Market
Will I return? Yes! We didn't make it to a sushi restaurant or on a hike near Mt. Rainier and only hit the shoe department at Nordstroms once. So much more of Seattle left to experience.

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