Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Where are all of the trick or treaters tonight? Either my neighborhood has started to show its age with fewer little kids or else ghouls and their parents aren't nearly as hearty as they used to be. It's just barely below freezing at 31°, the blustery winds of yesterday are gone, and it is not even snowing! Toughen up!

This is the first year of not bundling up a child, or three, in their costume and layers for warmth for hours of Halloween fun. No trick or treaters in the house this year...everyone deems themselves as "too old." Unless they happen to burst into costume while at school. At least I did not resort to putting the dog in a costume.

Anna a Mess

But maybe they are smart. It is much easier to raid the candy bowl at the front door than brave a chilly night going door-to-door. Happy Halloween evening!

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