Monday, October 27, 2014

Technology Time Suck

Have you ever switched from your old computer to a new one? Swapped Internet providers? Hit the button to update your iPhone and now your GMail accounts aren't recognized? Logged onto your bank account to pay a bill only to discover that your bank account has been "compromised?"

If you answer yes to any of these questions welcome to the huge waster of time that I like to refer to as the Technology Time Suck. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier by saving time, which it does most of the time. Until something goes wrong.

Here that sucking noise? That's your time getting sucked into a black hole of trying to fix, update, and understand your technology by yourself. It's always tempting to draw others into your black hole to "help" you figure out your technology void.

Time disappears when you enter your technology time suck. Glance at the clock and suddenly two hours have passed and nothing was accomplished other than confusing yourself even more than when you started. You keep trying for another hour all to no avail. As your computer becomes even more messed up, your vow not to call the Geek Squad is quickly being forgotten.

If you're like me, you've never had resort to the Geek Squad but stubbornly figure it out on your own or with the help of your tween computer whiz. I may have even stumped my brilliant computer boy with my latest technology trial. The technology time suck will begin again once I attempt to figure out how to synch Gmail with my outdated phone and new Internet provider.

I may have to become a Luddite and shun all technology to preserve my own sanity.

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