Friday, November 21, 2014

The Tale of the Black Dress Pants

Photo of Jack by Jack,
wearer of the black dress pants
Life caught up with me this week. Last weekend's flurry of a basketball tournament, a wedding, a couple of orchestral concerts topped with a fresh layer of a persistent Saturday snowfall meant that a few things that should have happened over the weekend did not. You know how that goes. A busy family, a job, commuting in the snow during a road construction season that has extend rather late into November...sometimes things fall through the cracks.

The choir concert fell into the gap.

Perhaps you've been there too. Look at the calendar the day before and realize your son needs a few things for his concert:

  • White shirt, check
  • Bow tie, amazingly check
  • Black pants, somewhere yet to be located
  • Black shoes, brown boat shoes will have to suffice, check

At first glance I thought I was covered. The black pants hanging in my son Jack's closet belonged to his brother Patrick when he was in the 6th grade. A few hours before the concert I pulled them out and checked the label. Black pants in size 16. I forgot that Patrick was a bit taller back in the sixth grade than size 12 Jack.


Send the husband out to the garage not once, but twice to dig through the bins of old Patrick clothes for smaller black pants. None. Frantically dig through Patrick's closet only to find a couple pairs of much larger (now outgrown) black dress pants. Tear Jack's closet apart all to no avail. No black pants for Jack except for his black sweats.

In the meantime, my husband is calling around to some local stores in search of black dress pants. None available. Not surprising given it is band and choir concert season and all of the Moms who actually plan ahead have already cleaned out Kohls and Target of all black size 12 boys dress pants.

Call one neighbor. No one answers. Jack's black sweatpants are looking better and better.

Call another neighbor who kindly and very quickly digs through a couple of closets to unearth not one, but two pairs of black dress pants in Jack's size. All within minutes. I'm impressed...what a Mom! I'm saved. Thank you to my friend and neighbor Tammy who has already helped me out of more than one dilemma before tonight's frantic black pants search.

We actually made it on time to the concert; Jack looked amazing while he sang from the front row of his choir. Lesson learned for me: plan ahead. You can probably find me at Kohls tomorrow, hunting down a couple of sizes of black dress pants for upcoming choir concerts for Jack.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote for Change

Change...wasn't that someone's Presidential campaign slogan? Maybe it is time for another round of change. Some yawn at the prospect of Tuesday's midterm elections, but I see it as an opportunity for change.

I could go for some positive change. I think that America could use some solid leadership and the midterm elections give all Americans a chance to vote for fresh leaders.

Why the push for change? I'm actually concerned about ISIS taking over Syria and Iraq and creeping up on the borders of other countries like Hitler in Europe in the late 1930s. I think someone other than a political operative should lead the US government's charge against Ebola. It bothers me that women and children are continually taken from their villages in Nigeria by Boko Haram. I want America to bring the Russians to justice over shooting down that Malaysian Airlines passenger plane over the Ukraine. Remember that?

I do not understand why America is watching from the sidelines and not out playing the game.

I would like a US Senator who actually stands for something and takes on a leadership role. I want a vibrant and energetic Governor who actually cares about solving Minnesota's  problems, not a Governor who increases my taxes and shuffles away, mumbling incoherently about funding the new Vikings football stadium.

I am tired of the status quo and America's dwindling leadership on the world stage. Although I am just one person, I will vote for a change on Tuesday.
Will you?