Monday, November 3, 2014

Vote for Change

Change...wasn't that someone's Presidential campaign slogan? Maybe it is time for another round of change. Some yawn at the prospect of Tuesday's midterm elections, but I see it as an opportunity for change.

I could go for some positive change. I think that America could use some solid leadership and the midterm elections give all Americans a chance to vote for fresh leaders.

Why the push for change? I'm actually concerned about ISIS taking over Syria and Iraq and creeping up on the borders of other countries like Hitler in Europe in the late 1930s. I think someone other than a political operative should lead the US government's charge against Ebola. It bothers me that women and children are continually taken from their villages in Nigeria by Boko Haram. I want America to bring the Russians to justice over shooting down that Malaysian Airlines passenger plane over the Ukraine. Remember that?

I do not understand why America is watching from the sidelines and not out playing the game.

I would like a US Senator who actually stands for something and takes on a leadership role. I want a vibrant and energetic Governor who actually cares about solving Minnesota's  problems, not a Governor who increases my taxes and shuffles away, mumbling incoherently about funding the new Vikings football stadium.

I am tired of the status quo and America's dwindling leadership on the world stage. Although I am just one person, I will vote for a change on Tuesday.
Will you?


CHERI said...

Christi: When you are done voting in Minnesota, come to Wisconsin and vote as we need change as well. No one will know if you are legal or not.


Christianna said...

I probably still have an old Wisconsin driver's license floating around, and I still look like I did back in 1990. No voter fraud at all! That Wisconsin Governor's race will be interesting to watch.