Tuesday, December 23, 2014

10 Gift Wrapping Lessons From a Horrible Christmas Gift Wrapper

Tonight I'm celebrating (because I'm done) that one part of the holiday season that is inescapable...the gift wrapping. Tonight was the night to drag out that big, black trash bag full of gifts that was taking up space in my closet, gather up the wrapping paper and get to it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a terrible wrapper, but I did realize a few things tonight:

  1. Cheap wrapping paper is cheap for a reason. Simply put, it is crap. Regardless of your wrapping expertise, it will inevitably tear. Be sure to grab the paper that is a bit more expensive; better quality is worth it.
  2. Gift wrap is recyclable. Did you know that? I did not, but now they stamp all over the inside along with those handy cut guides, "recycle this gift wrap". Understood.
  3. The handy dotted lines for cutting are not so handy if you have cheap paper. See #1. It still tears so don't be cheap with your paper like I was.
  4. Who needs to wrap when you have gift bags! My choice for large, awkward-to-wrap gifts. Just be sure you have tissue paper to match.
  5. My dog is a very generous giver. When in doubt, the gift comes from Laddie.
  6. Awkwardly shaped items are very difficult to wrap, especially when nice boxes are at a minimum in your house and finding one requires boots, a coat, and gloves to dig through the recycling bin. Opt for that gift bag!
  7. It is much easier to give a fluffy goat or a cute piglet in someones name via Internet and a charity instead of wrapping. Obviously I would not be wrapping up that pig.
  8. No bows or ribbons please. I am already "wrapping challenged"
    and ribbons will just make it worse. I'm wondering why I even bought all those yards of ribbon I have stashed away over the years.
  9. Another year of wrapping experience does not make me better. I am the kind of person who is a distinctively bad wrapper. Everyone can identify a present wrapped by me because the quality is that of a 4-year old. I will happily pay someone to wrap for me while go out and grab a coffee.
  10. A glass of wine or a latte from Caribou (depending on the time of day) makes the wrapping process much more fun. Not resulting in a more beautifully wrapped gift, but better for me.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and beautifully wrapped presents beneath your tree!


alyssa said...

I wonder if this is heriditary - I seem to have this "gift" as well...

Christianna said...

Sounds like a good excuse Alyssa! Let's blame our missing gift wrapping skills on heredity.

Anonymous said...

Your gift wrapping problem is definitely hereditary - you got it from your dad. It must be a Boock or Oelrich thing. Just enjoy the season - the wrapping doesn't matter. We know that Jack doesn't care if his gift is wrapped perfectly. What matters is that it is a gift from the heart.
Have a very Merry Christmas and just keep using the gift bags!