Sunday, January 25, 2015

Outdoor Fun in the Land of Ice

Minnesota in January. You can either hole up in your house like last winter when it was far too cold to venture outdoors. Or you can revel in the ice, snow, and moderate (for Minnesota in January) temperatures. Minnesota is the home of ice—skating, fishing, bars, castles, caves, hockey. And the latest rage—downhill cross ice, featuring the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Tournament.

Most of these activities can be enjoyed by the average Minnesotan. However unless you enjoy hurling yourself down the Cathedral Hill track you may want to watch Crashed Ice instead of attempting. This is one sport that you must qualify for before racing full throttle down the ice course, and the Red Bull tournament runs through tomorrow. In case you don't make over to the St. Paul cathedral to watch, this video gives you an idea of ice cross: 2015 Red Bull Crashed Ice.

For a somewhat quieter ice experience head over to the southwest metro to the Eden Prairie Ice Castle that is open through March 7 (if the ice does not melt) and features the sprawling castle, ice skating, performances by Frozen Sisters, and even star watching parties.

When and if they open up for the 2015 season visit the Apostle Island Ice Caves. Last year's record cold winter created ideal ice cave conditions along Lake Superior; the caves are not open yet for the 2015 season but check the link above for all details.

If you would rather stay in the Twin Cities, the St. Paul Winter Carnival is on from now until February 1, featuring a treasure hunt, parades, ice golf, and much more.

Might as well get out there and enjoy January in Minnesota. That or escape to Florida!

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