Sunday, March 22, 2015

It Is Madness

March Madness is living up to its name. I like a good basketball game just as much as any other chic Mom, but the NCAA March Madness tournament is a bit much for the casual observer. Not only are these games playing constantly on every television in the house, but they are also on the radio and online. You can follow live tweets on Twitter. College basketball games are on a third of the TVs at the health club. A Minnesota food chain/sports bar—Buffalo Wild Wings—must have everyone of their floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall TVs tuned into the games. Inescapable.

After being immersed in March madness every March for as long as I can remember I finally broke down and helped fill out the bracket for the Humanities Center where I work. Seems that we are in a bit of a competition with other Humanities Centers around the US. Bet you did not know that folks who work in the Humanities were so competitive when it comes to basketball. We're not actually. It is all madness, and we got sucked in with the lure of the $1 million pot, having no formulas or theories for choosing our pool teams.

My small contribution was choosing the two teams I have actually seen play live on a basketball court—Wisconsin and Georgetown. Seems Georgetown was eliminated early on, but Wisconsin is still alive and winning their game at the moment. I'm not sure how much money is on the table for the winner of the state Humanities Councils pool, but I'm in.

How many more weeks are left of March Madness? Too many, but maybe Wisconsin will keep winning. Unless I've jinxed them by writing this post.

Go Badgers!

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