Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Lily Treasure Hunt at Target

Did you make it to Target bright and early this morning? In case you are not a Lilly Pulitzer fan you may not know that Target's limited edition Lilly Pulitzer line came out today in stores and on line. My daughter Anna and I happen to be big Lilly fans thanks to Anna's grandmother Mae. She spent some quality time in Palm Beach, Florida back in the hey-day of Lilly Pulitzer in the 60s and 70s. And it is rumored that Anna's grandfather, Pat, wore Lilly pants. It was Palm Beach after all!

We did not make it to our local Target when the doors opened at 8 am, but we could tell that others did. By 10 am when we arrived the Lily clothes were pretty well picked through with only the larger and smallest sizes left.

The hunt for Lilly Pulitzer items was like a treasure hunt on a Sunday morning. Probably intentionally done by Target. It was actually kind of fun running around the store looking for Lilly signs and the remaining items left for sale. After grabbing a few Lilly treasures we decided to try another Target a few miles away.

We thought that our Target was picked through, but this one was left with the dregs. I couldn't justify $80 for a creamy porcelain garden stool that would probably end up smashed by a stray football or the cute pastel martini glasses for $30. I don't drink enough martinis at home to justify it. We left that Target empty handed but happy that we had at least found a few Lilly items at our Target.

After doing a quick search of items online, most Lilly pieces were already sold out. I'll have to keep my eye on the clearance rack for Lilly returns and be content with my collection of vintage Lilly dresses.

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