Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week in a Time Warp

Sounds very '70s'ish doesn't it? Time warp. That's because life this week has been a transfiguration of the decades.

While listening to an old Prince song on the radio, specifically I Would Die for You off of 1984's Purple Rain, my youngest son proclaimed himself a 7th grader. Sixth grade is hours behind him. Those words seemingly hang in midair while I clearly remember my cheerleading dance routine to that Prince song. Wait, wasn't I just 16? How could I possibly have a son who is a 7th grader?

Even more improbable, how could I have a daughter who just graduated from high school a few days ago? She was just born and cannot be 18 already and leaving for college in a few months. That would make me some ungodly old age.

Yes that is right. I added another year to my tally this week. The ripe old age of 47, but why do I feel like I'm still 29? My Dad did make me feel better when he said he feels like he is only 30. Time is a complete illusion this week.

And to top it all off, I met my son Patrick in the driveway tonight. I learned that as of 3 pm today he is now a Senior in high school and was headed out for dinner and a swim at the beach with his friends. Did I not just go through a Senior year? Repeat. Here we go again.

Someone please tell me that time will eventually slow down and I can at least catch up on those fleeting years since I was 29.