Sunday, August 9, 2015

Morning Run

After feeling the after effects of last night's indulgence on chocolate cake and one too many glasses of wine, the gym was calling. I've never been one to jump up at the crack of dawn to drive to the club for a workout. Nor am I one of those dedicated outdoor runners you see jogging every morning. Outdoor running is a struggle for me unless it involves a slight downhill slope, spectacular scenery, nothing in the air that might trigger allergies, and the promise of a favorite coffee shop and a latte at the end of my run. My ideal outdoor run does not play out nearly enough.

Today my incentive was just that scary number on the scale and an urge to run.

I've been a bit delinquent on my running mileage this summer for a number of different reasons. Today was the day to start up again, and I'm so happy that I did. Since the club was absolutely dead this morning, I could take my time to figure out some new Woodway treadmills and look like an idiot with no one watching me.

Once I figured out how to get my laps set to my pace, turned on the built-in TV monitor to the morning news, and adjusted my iPod I was ready to go. My goal: 1 mile. Doable, easy. Let me just say this treadmill is amazing! The belt is like running on a non slippery cushioned surface with some give. I easily passed my 1 mile goal, felt really good at 1.5 miles, and pushed on to 2 miles.

Maybe for some of you non asthmatic runners who aren't allergic to the world around you, 2 miles may seem like nothing. But for me, hopping on a treadmill and running 2 miles just doesn't happen without time spent working up to that 2 mile point.

At just over 2 miles, I felt incredible! An hour later, I still feel incredible. Now I'm trying to figure out how I can somehow figure out how to squeeze in a run on this new treadmill into my workday routine. That will be the challenge.

If you are dickering about whether or not to hit the gym or even go out for a power walk, just do it! Pull on your sneakers, get out there, and give exercising a try. You may even surprise yourself and pull off a 2-mile run. You will feel much better and something as simple as exercise will make your day all the better. Endorphins are always a good thing!


Jo said...

Be by inspiration.

Christianna said...

"Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running."
-Sarah Condor, Runner/Author

Dave Borsheim said...

Guilty! I read your blog and immediately rushed over to the scale. I too have spent far too much time this summer being inactive. Elaine and I joined the YWCA on Western and Dale several years ago. The pool was a major draw for us but they've been replacing their cardio and weight machines lately. The new weight machines are so much better than the old ones and they guide each exercise more precisely along the lines of how the body actually moves. They're now installing all new cardio machines including some new types I haven't even heard of. But to offer a slim defense: Wolfie has been a major project for us. Adopting a 2-3 year old German schnauzer means long walks, occasional short runs with him and practicing what our trainer teaches us. He keeps us hopping!

Christianna said...

Nothing like a puppy to keep you active! Enjoy those new cardio machines at your club; maybe they will install a few Woodway treadmills.