Sunday, August 2, 2015

Passionate Outrage From Cecil the Lion

Elephant, buffalo, polar bear, mountain lion, rhinoceros, four other bears, and lions (including one named Cecil). Safari Club International records indicate that Twin Cities dentist Walter J. Palmer has killed 43 animals, all with a bow and arrow. By now you've probably heard about the Bloomington, MN dentist who "accidentally" on purpose killed a beloved research lion, Cecil, on private property in Zimbabwe.

I am a bit surprised at the media attention and anger that this story has generated even in Minnesota. Minnesota is a land of hunters. Doing a quick mental count at least a third of my neighbors are avid hunters. I don't condone the annual deer hunts or the duck hunting season especially when the deer hunting season helps thin out Minnesota's rapidly growing deer population. Venison hamburger and steaks as well as pheasant balls are found in some Minnesota kitchens. However I do not understand the desire to kill another living creature. I feel bad when a squirrel runs out in front of my van or I straddle a skunk on the highway. As long as there are legal hunting seasons and big game hunting guides, shooting animals will continue.

However this Twin Cities dentist is on completely different level. Dr. Palmer takes his privilege as a wealthy American hunter to the extreme, paying thousands of dollars for these hunts. Killing 43 animals is exceptional—not in a good way! And unnecessary. Perhaps the rules and limits of hunting and bagging big game will now change with the untimely death of Cecil the lion.

If only the American public would get as outraged about ISIS driving out and killing the Christians in Syria, why fewer than 400 families have donated half of the political campaign contributions for the upcoming 2016 presidential campaigns, or the shoddy deal the world is getting from the Obama administration's Iran Nuclear Pact. 


Voice of Raisin said...

"If only the American public would get as outraged about Christians driving out and killing the Muslims in the Central African Republic!"

A little more balance and a little less bias would be nice in your otherwise excellent story :-)

Christianna said...

At last someone called me on my liberal bias (HA!) and called attention to a buried media story, which was the entire point of this post. Thank you Voice of Raisin :-)

Voice of Raisin said...

Liberal bias or religious bias? Whose imaginary friend is best? ;-)

Christianna said...

The beauty of this blog is that it can spark debate and raise awareness on issues that can affect men and women alike regardless of race, political affiliation, or religion preference. This blog would fall flat without the personality of the blogger (me) and readers (you) shining through. Perceived by some as bias, opinion by others, or viewed as tossing out controversial topics to start a conversation by the blogger. Freedom of expression by blog!