Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Things to Do on Black Friday That Do Not Involve Shopping

 Black Friday seems to start earlier every year. 6 pm on Thanksgiving is the magic hour this year when the local Target, Kohls, and the Mall of American open their doors. Remember when Thanksgiving was for gathering around the dining room table with your family or friends and Black Friday actually fell on Friday? This post is written in spirit of Black Friday actually hitting on Friday.

Don't feel like facing the Black Friday crowds tomorrow? There's plenty of things to see and do that do not involve standing in line at Toys R Us at 5 am or driving around just trying to snag a parking space at the mall.
  1. Go outside. REI is closing their doors on Black Friday and urging REI shoppers to pursue an activity in the great outdoors. If you live in Minnesota you can get into any state park for free on Friday. Outdoor ice skating rinks are open in my part of the world. Or take a jog around the neighborhood to burn off some of the indulgence of your Thanksgiving feast.
  2. Paint. You know you want to do it. Something in your home could probably use a touch-up or a fresh coat. Paint a room, paint a mural on your wall, find a place to paint pottery, or even a paint by number. Remember those? Indulge your inner artist or just brighten up your powder room.
  3. Take in a movie. This option may involve crowds and even standing in a bit of a line. But at the end of your wait, you get to sit down with your popcorn and Blue Icee  and enjoy the show. Here's a  listing of a few movies opening on Thanksgiving Day or earlier in November that you and yours may want to catch: movie insider.
  4. Hit the gym. Black Friday is an excellent gym day after all of the consumption on Thanksgiving. Take a class, reserve a tennis court, or hop on an elliptical. Your body will thank you!
  5. Spend time with your family, unplugged. That means without screens. Pull out a board game, a puzzle, or a game of charades. If your family is like mine, detaching from screens is always a challenge but we all seem to somehow survive and have fun sans screens.
In the hours remaining until Black Friday hits, I wish you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have time to reconnect with family, friends, and community!

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Jo said...

Ugh! i totally agree about holiday shopping! Destressing is what I need, not more from long lines at the register and rushing here and there and everywhere and throngs of people in pursuit of mere things.