Monday, November 16, 2015

A Bigger Problem Than a Paris Setback

Friday night's massacre in the City of Lights has illuminated a growing global problem. ISIS and other terrorists groups are not just confined to the Middle East and Africa. If they can hit Paris twice in 10 months what will stop them from striking in other cities around the world?

The ISIS network first came onto the mainstream American radar screens back in June 2014 with invasions in Iraq and Syria. This pesky ISIS problem was seemingly ignored as a minor irritating terrorist group that showed disturbing videos online and was social media savvy. Fast-forward to November 16, 2015. ISIS and ISIS affiliates are now active and/or actively controlling parts of 13 countries stretching from Algeria to Pakistan to the Philippines. Something is working for them and anyone reading this post has some idea what is working for ISIS and failing for the West.

Last week not only saw the simultaneous and carefully planned attacks on Paris, but also attacks in other countries that were overshadowed by Paris.

  • 250 innocent people were injured and 43 were killed in a double suicide attack in Beirut on Thursday. ISIS claimed responsibility. 
  • At a funeral in Baghdad last week 19 people were killed and 41 wounded by a suicide bomber. Who is rumored as the culprit? ISIS. 
  • Thousands of refugees flooding out of Syria, Iraq, and Africa are seeking asylum in Europe only to have borders closed when they finally arrive after a harrowing journey. 

Dwelling on evil and wallowing in blame and sorrow is easy. Fingers are quickly and, in some cases, wrongly pointed at many politicians, religions, and world leaders in the aftermath of terror attacks. Figuring out the solution is the challenge. The world is brimming with good people who will not stand for terror. Peace, justice, and the good in humanity will eventually override the few who are creating the evil and chaos that is seemingly taking over parts of the world. The solution must come now, not 14 months from now when the administration changes in the White House.

What happened in Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad last week could happen in Peoria, Buenos Aires, and Brisbane this week. This is a world problem that calls for a world solution. Paris is not just a setback; Paris is one horrible example of evil that will be repeated unless ISIS is stopped soon.

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