Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Return to Normal

Return to normal, but what is normal?  If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account and peer into the lives of those you follow, their lives might seem normal. Or dull. Or even extraordinary given what side of life they share. A social media definition of normal.

The past few months have taught me that normal is all relative and sometimes a life situation that seems normal is not. Since I signed off a few weeks ago for a blog hiatus, my definition of a normal life has changed.

What is normal:

  • Leaving a daughter at college
  • Your son turns 17 and is growing up
  • Your work life changes and evolves
  • Your child gets sick
New definition of normal:
  • Your daughter is a thousand miles away at college
  • Your son thinks and acts like he is 21 and not 17
  • Your biggest work event of the year seeps into your entire life
  • Your son needs ER visits, emergency surgery, and a week long hospital stay
  • All of this happens in the same week.

All that is seemingly normal sometimes takes a turn for the worse and you are forced to adapt. To become even more flexible. To cope. To survive, not only for your family but for yourself. The last few months have been all of that, which forced me to walk away from my passion of blogging. I'm pleased to say that the blog is back. It may change into something that you normally may not see from me, but then what really is normal?

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