Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Portlandia or Presidential

Season 5 of Portlandia won out over watching the fourth Republican Presidential candidate debate tonight. This probably reflects badly on me as an American voter and someone who cares about politics. I really do care, but tonight I cared more for Portlandia than having to watch Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. There are just too many candidates in the pool for my liking.

Sadly given the busy schedules and demands on time I have taken to just watching the clips and out-takes of the debates—the chatter afterward about who won and who lost which round of a debate. The Saturday Night Live sketches of the debates are also amusing. The Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders SNL segment is a "must see "regardless of your political affiliation; Larry David has perfected Bernie Sanders.

Fortunately it remains early on in the Presidential race and Republican front-runners will plummet and rise in the polls. These Presidential races seem to start a few months earlier each election cycle and cost the candidates more money every four years. Imagine what the United States could do with all of the money that gets poured into Presidential races!

The American public, myself included, will have to turn off Netflix and start paying more attention soon. I'll leave you with this frightening scenario—Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders. Sort of scares you back to reality doesn't it?

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