Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day, which is celebrated in Great Britain and in some countries colonized by the English. This day historically reaches back to the Middle Ages when servants and serfs who had to work on Christmas Day were given the day off and presented with a box of gifts or food. To those of you who actually celebrate Boxing Day as a holiday, feel free to chime in on what Boxing Day means in your country.

My American Boxing Day involves boxes, gifts, and food as well. What does look Boxing Day look like in my house this December 26 as the clock approaches noon? Popovers fresh from the oven on the kitchen counter. Three inches of fresh snow that covers up the brown grass and mud, making it look like the day after Christmas. One lazy dog perched on top of the couch looking at the snowy backyard. One child still asleep, one curled up on the couch happily reading about Zelda Fitzgerald, and the third out spending his Christmas loot. Pine needles that have dropped from the Christmas tree are scattered on the floor. The refrigerator is full of excess leftovers and pie. Piles of boxes have grown and are taking over the living room.

Although Boxing Day isn't celebrated here in the U.S. I feel like Boxing Day is a day of clean up, packing away cookies in tins, and breaking down those gift boxes from the Christmas Eve celebration. Driveways are lined with overflowing trash bins and boxes awaiting recycling; those trash collectors have their work waiting for them today.

This domestic goddess has her work strewn about the house ready for clean up and packing away in boxes. Whether you are shoveling out, waiting in a return line at Target, or collapsing boxes, I wish you a happy and productive Boxing Day!


Sue said...

As a Brit living in America, my Christmas is not complete if I have to work the day after Christmas. How does one recuperate without Boxing Day, which is still a bank holiday in England? Not only is it a day you can celebrate seeing the side of the family you did not celebrate with on Christmas, but it is a day for that lively long walk with the dog or no dog, catching up with friends, clearing up from the madness if he day before, and above all so many Brits show their support to their local team by going to the Boxing Day football (soccer) game. I like this day to get over everything before heading back to normality. For us living in Minnesota, we spend this day taking the dog for a walk, which was beautiful this morning, and head off to The Walker to view the British Advertising Awards.

Christianna said...

Thanks Sue for your comment on being a Brit in the US on Boxing Day. And thanks to Thien from Canada for her Facebook comment. Boxing Day has resulted in no more boxes. All put away or recycled. After all of that work, dinner out in White Bear Lake!