Saturday, July 4, 2015


America. Land of the free and the brave. Free.
Freedom can easily be taken for granted in my America this 4th of July 2015. While digging out the grass and weeds growing into the herb garden this morning, a realization hits that I don't need to have this herb and tomato patch to feed my family. A hobby for my free time, not a necessity.

The neighborhood is dead quiet as usual on the 4th of July weekend. My family is one of the few who don't have a family cabin up north. Seems that the entire neighborhood is up north at their cabins. Escaping to the cabin while millions are fleeing their homes in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and other African and Asian countries in the largest refugee migration the world has seen since the start of WWII. Over 60 million refugees worldwide, fleeing their homes not only for a better life, but to survive. 

Again that word free seeps in and takes on true meaning.

This 4th of July when you celebrate with friends, family, fireworks, and the occasional adult beverage, remember what freedom means. How America got here, those who died defending our freedom, and how just fragile our freedom really is.